district150 is a lifestyle focused, hospitality powered, multi-purpose meetings and event space that serves as a core amenity for the office building of tomorrow.

The office now needs areas for head-down work like a library, collaborative spaces, social spaces, space for board meetings and town halls, all integrated, under one roof.

The Quorum Club

The Quorum Club

district150 is operated by The Quorum, a pioneer in the private members’ club industry. The Quorum blends experiential hospitality with exceptional food & beverage, cultural programming, and community curation throughout India, with clubs in Gurgaon, Mumbai, and soon, Hyderabad.

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Vivek Narain

Vivek Narain’s curiosity for the world, has helped shape
The Quorum as the quintessential third space for the most pertinent cultural experiences encapsulated by its unique blend of hospitality. Vivek has a background in investment banking and real estate, and loves to travel and dive into current affairs, when he is not planning the course for The Q’s next innovative leap.

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Sonya Jehan
Co-Founder & Creative Director

Sonya Jehan’s sense of aesthetic and artistic sensibilities have defined The Quorum’s identity. Having worked with globally acclaimed restaurants and having had a tryst with the world of cinema, Jehan’s part French, part Punjabi heritage, brings a keen sense of flavour and a distinct palette to The Q’s design.

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