Zila Progressive Indian Restaurant | district 150 Quorum | d150

Food Philosophy

Host memorable experiences anchored by a world class food & beverage programme born out of The Quorum.

Zila Progressive Indian Restaurant | The Quorum Club | d150

A progressive Indian restaurant that will serve regional cuisine with a modern twist. Comfort food with a touch of discernment, evoking the joy of familiarity, and nostalgia. Whether one is looking to indulge in new flavours or simply seek a wholesome meal, Zila is the perfect spot to eat, experience, and discover.


Our signature cocktails are a celebration of India’s vibrant culture, art, and spirit, while also incorporating the sophistication of the finest global cocktails from around the world.

Subko coffee hyderabad | district 150 Quorum | d150

A world-class artisanal coffee program and a pod-to-bar chocolate experience, unique to the Indian subcontinent; a first of its kind experience in Hyderabad.